Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is a popular and entertaining format of the rummy game. Deals rummy is played between 2 to 6 players and is one of the most popular formats on Rummyprime where players play and win money.

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What is Deals Rummy?

Deals Rummy is another variation of the popular 13-card rummy game. In this variant, players play a pre-decided number of deals. In online deals rummy, players are provided with a specific number of chips.

After each deal, the winner receives chips from the losing players based on the scores attained. The final winner of the deal rummy game is determined by the player with the highest chip count at the end of all the deals.

Types of Deals Rummy

There are two kinds of deal rummy games:

  • Best of 2 deals
  • Best of 3 deals

In the best of two deals, there are two deals, while there are three deals in the best of 3 deals. Chips allocated in the best of 2 deals is 160 (80/deal). Meanwhile, 240 chips are allocated in best of 3 deals (3*80).

However, the number of deals can be increased if all the players agree to it.

How to Play Deals Rummy?

Deals rummy is one of the easiest games to play. The following are the steps on how to play a deals rummy game:

  • Deals rummy is played between 2 to 6 players using two or more standard decks of 52 cards (including jokers).
  • Each player is dealt a set of 13 cards, and any remaining cards that were not dealt are stacked face down on the table to create a closed deck. Additionally, a single card is chosen at random and placed face up on the table to form the open deck.
  • Each player sitting at the table will be given a set number of chips depending on the number of deals decided before the game begins.
  • A random toss will decide who will take the first turn.
  • The objective of each player is to meld all the 13 cards in hands into sets or sequences.
  • During each turn, players are required to select a card either from the open deck or the closed deck, and subsequently, they must discard one card from their hand by placing it onto the open deck.
  • The first player to make a valid declaration ( forming 2 pure sequences or 1 pure and one impure sequence or sets) can call for a show. 
  • The losing players will be allocated points based on the face value of their cards.

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Deals Rummy Rules

Some of the key rules for playing deal rummy are:

  • Each player has to pay an entry fee to join a deals rummy table.
  • Ace cards of any suit can also be used as jokers in deals rummy.
  • In a two-player table, one printed joker is used, and when there are 6 players, two printed jokers are used from the deck.
  • The rules for making a valid declaration are similar to any other rummy variant.
  • To make a valid declaration, each player has to form one pure sequence, and the other can be pure/impure.
  • If a player scores 80 or less, they are eliminated.
  • Drop is not allowed in a 2 player deals rummy table.

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How Does the Drop Option Work in Deals Rummy?

In a two player table, there is no option to drop. If a player misses three consecutive turns, they are automatically removed from the game and will bear 80 penalty points.

If there are more than 2 players, then upon first drop, a player will have to bear 20 points and 40 points in the middle drop. If a player misses three consecutive turns in more than 3 player game, they are allocated middle drop points.

  • First drop means when a player decides to withdraw from their turn even before picking a card.
  • Middle drop means when a player decides to withdraw after picking one card.

How Does the Scoring System Work in Deals Rummy?









Printed or wild jokers



Equal to their face value

The winner gets 0 points. The winner of the game collects chips from the losing players, and the amount of chips won is determined by the score of those players. 

The calculation for a player’s winnings can be summarized using the following formula:

  • Winnings = (Entry Fee * Number of Players) – platform fee.

Meanwhile, the losing player’s score is computed by the number of cards that are not part of rummy sequences or sets. If a player has failed to make a single sequence they will get 80 points.

What are Chips and How are They Allocated?

Chips are nothing but a currency value. Before the start of the game, each player is given a set number of chips. These are decided based on the number of deals. 

Number of deals

Number of chips









How are Chips Settled at the End of all Deals?

1 chip is equivalent to 1 point. In the game of Deals Rummy, the player who has gathered the highest number of chips by the end of the game is declared the winner. The winnings are determined based on the total points accumulated by their opponents. For instance, if there are six players involved, the scoring system allows the winner to receive the combined points total of their five opponents in the form of chips.

For instance, if a player loses 30 points in one deal, they automatically lose 30 chips and the chips will be added to their opponent’s score.

Deals Rummy Tips

Some of the top tips to play and win in deals rummy games online are:

  • In online deals rummy, there is a sort option that automatically arranges your cards and thereby saves you time.
  • Always discard high-value cards that do not form any sets.
  • Always look to make a pure sequence first. This is the first step to make a valid declaration.
  • Pay close attention to the cards discarded by your opponents. This will give you a fair idea about their strategy and you can play accordingly.

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FAQs about Deals Rummy

Is it Legal to Play Online Deals Rummy?

Yes, deals and other rummy games are legal to play in India, barring a few states. Deals rummy is a skill-based game, and on Rummyprime, players can play deals rummy and compete with other real players to win money.

How Many Players Can Play a Deals Rummy Game?

A deals rummy game can be played between 2 to 6 players.

Is Deals Rummy a Variant of the Traditional Indian Rummy Game?

Yes, Deals Rummy is a popular variant of Indian Rummy. Deals Rummy is a fast-paced and strategic game where a predetermined number of deals (rounds) are played, and the player with the highest chip count at the end of all the deals wins the game.

What is the Primary Objective of Deals Rummy?

The main objective of a Deals rummy game is to have the least number of points at the end of the game.

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