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Rummyprime is one of the most rewarding rummy apps. It not only rewards you on deposits but also when you refer your friends to the app.

Get rewarded every time your friend plays on Rummyprime. Refer and get up to 500 Discount Credits per friend.

How Does Referral Work?

Follow the steps below to get your referral rewards:

  • Send the unique referral link with your code to your friends. You will be able to find this under the “Refer Friends” tab.
  • Your friend installs the Rummyprime app and registers using your code.

Is there a limit to how many friends can I refer the app to?

No. You can choose to refer to as many friends as you want.

Where can I see referral rewards that I have got?

To view the total referral rewards you have accumulated, click on the ‘My Wallet’ section and review the categories of Winnings, Deposits, and Rewards. The amount you have got through referrals can be seen in the rewards section.

Here’s what the reward structure looks like:

Referral Reward Structure

Friend Plays Games of You Get Your friend gets
Rs. 100+ 10 dc-coin 5 dc-coin
Rs. 500+ 15 dc-coin 10 dc-coin
Rs. 2500+ 50 dc-coin 20 dc-coin
Rs. 10000+ 150 dc-coin 75 dc-coin
Rs. 25000+ 275 dc-coin 140 dc-coin
Total 500 dc-coin 250 dc-coin

How long will it take for the referral reward to be credited?

You will get the reward to your account within 24 hours of a successful referral.

Where do I enter my Rummyprime’s referral code?

Here’s how you do it:

  • Share your distinct referral link or code with your friends, which can be found in the Refer Friends section.
  • Ask your friend to enter your referral code when they are registering on the app.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer is valid only once per user.
  • Offer is valid for new users only. If your friend has already registered with Rummyprime. The referral would not be counted.
  • Your friend needs to complete the referral tasks within 30 days to get the maximum referral rewards.
Updated on 14th June, 2024

Get flat 10% discount credits up to 10,000 on first 2 deposits.