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Download Rummy Game App

Now enjoy playing Rummy anytime, anywhere and on the go with the new Rummyprime app. The new app brings you the Rummy game you deserve to play with a new look and feel. Whether you’re a beginner or pro player, you can learn the game with free practice tables and earn bigger rewards as you progress. Now play Rummy and win exciting rewards on your Android device.

Join the Rummy revolution by downloading the Rummyprime APK, enjoy unlimited free games, join cash tables with big prize pools and enter free tournaments with rewards up to 21 Lakhs. Download Rummyprime app from the Google play store or simply download the APK from the official website Get the premium Rummy experience you deserve, with 100% secure transactions, RNG and ISO certified Rummyprime app.

How to download the Rummyprime app for Android smartphones?

You can choose to follow one of the following steps to download the Rummyprime app on your Android devices.

Option 1:

Visit on the device you have. Simply tap on the ‘Download’ button for Android devices.

Option 2:

Alternatively you can get the Rummyprime app by entering your mobile number in the given box. After entering your mobile number, you can tap on the ‘Get App Link’ button and you will receive the app link via sms.

Steps to download the Rummy game APK and install on Android device

If you’re an avid Rummy player and want to download the Rummyprime APK. You can visit and follow the steps below to get the app on your device:

Step 1: Go to the Rummyprime official website using your Android phone browser. Tap on the ‘Download Android App’ button to get the Rummyprime APK file.

Download rummy app

Step 2: After tapping on the ‘Download Android App’ button, a warning message will appear on your phone screen. No need to worry, it’s a default message all users get before downloading anything new on their device. Rummyprime is an absolutely safe and secure app, you can go ahead and tap on ‘OK’ to start the download.

Warning message on phone screen

Step 3: Once the download is complete, tap on the ‘Open’ button.

Tap on ok to start

Step 4: Another prompt will come, where you have to tap on the ‘Settings’ button and enable ‘Allow from source’.

Step 5: Tap the ‘Install’ button to install the app on your phone.

How to start with the new Rummy app?

Once the Rummyprime APK file has been successfully downloaded and installed on your device, you can start enjoying your favorite Rummy variations.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Rummyprime’ icon and open the app on your mobile device. Click on ‘Allow’ for notifications, so you don’t miss out on any updates and offers.

Allow rummyprime notifications

Step 2: Login by entering your mobile number and authenticating it with the OTP that you will receive within seconds.

login with mobile number

Step 3: Rummyprime will require your location so click on ‘Allow or Proceed’ as prompted. This is to verify that you’re not accessing the app from a restricted location or state.

Access location to rummyprime

Step 4: Once inside the lobby, you can check out the type of variant you would like to play from Points, 101 Pool, Deals, 61 Pool or 201 Pool rummy.

types of variants for rummyprime

Step 5 : For trying out the app you can join any of the practice games available under each variant. You will be given free practice chips to play these games.

Step 6: Once you are ready to join rummy real cash games, click on ‘Add Cash’ in the top right corner. You will be taken to the ‘Add Cash’ page, where you can deposit cash to your Rummyprime wallet and start playing cash Rummy.

Add cash in rummyprime

If you’re a beginner and never played Indian Rummy game before, it is advisable to start off with practice games, where you can hone your skills and learn the Rummy rules. If you’ve played before and used to wagering during Rummy games, you can start playing directly on the cash tables or join cash tournaments, if you’re looking for some competitive Rummy action with bigger rewards.

Why to play Rummy on the Rummyprime app?

Rummyprime has consistently earned the confidence of 70 lakh+ verified online rummy players through its reliable and secure gaming platform. In addition to providing enjoyable entertainment experiences, Rummyprime prioritizes the safety and security of all player information, including personal and financial details.

  • Fast and smooth gameplay: The new Rummyprime app is available in a sleek art-deco design with faster loading times and zero-wait time on matchmaking.
  • High value rummy tables: Join competitive Rummy action on high value cash tables with Buy-Ins of up to Rs.40,000.
  • Responsible gaming: Rummyprime cares for its players and has systems in place which the player can use to monitor their daily or net add cash. The players can set their limits and amount.
  • First add cash offers: Rummyprime offers big rewards to new players joining the app. Get rewards up to 16,000 on first add cash.
  • Refer and earn: The more you refer on Rummyprime, the bigger your rewards get. You can earn up to 2,500 on each referral.
  • 100% safe and secure transactions: All data on Rummyprime is secured through encryptions and the payment gateways employed by Rummyprime comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).
  • Instant and multiple withdrawals: Withdraw up to Rs.1 Lakh per day and get 4 withdrawals daily.
  • 24x7 support in 5 languages: Get 24x7 customer support on Rummyprime, available in 5 languages.

Rummy app FAQs

  • Can I win real money on Rummyprime?

    Yes, when you join cash rummy tables or tournaments and take the win, you get real money as a prize.
  • Can I play cash tournaments after signing up on Rummyprime?

    Yes, once you register on the Rummyprime app and deposit money in your game wallet. You will have the opportunity to join multiple cash tournaments available on the app for a set Buy-In value.
  • Is the Rummy app safe and secure?

    Yes, the Rummyprime app is completely safe and secure to use. The app follows a strict fairplay protocol. It is RNG and ISO certified to ensure complete safety.
  • Is the Rummyprime app paid or free?

    Both versions of the app are available on the Google play store. But, if you’re looking for real money Rummy games to play, you have to download the paid app.

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