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13 card rummy

13 Card Rummy

The game of rummy has been part of Indian households for a long time. The most popularly played variant of the game is 13 card rummy. In this format, a standard deck of 52 cards is used to play between 2-6 players and 13 cards are distributed to each player at the start of a round.

The rules of 13 card rummy are easy to follow and the basic objective of the game is to form sequences and sets from 13 cards in your hand. The game is won when a player makes a valid declaration. A valid declaration must have one pure sequence.

During the round, players have to pick and discard cards as they work towards the end goal of making a valid declaration. At any given time, a player must not hold more than 13 cards.

13 Card Rummy’s Popularity Continues to Grow in India

Rummy in itself is the most popular card game that is played offline in India. Listed below are a few reasons why the 13 card rummy game continues to grow in popularity:

  • Quick and Easy to Learn: The game is now widely available online through multiple platforms like Rummyprime. The rules are very basic and easy to learn. Players can join cash games quickly.
  • Growing Popularity of Online Version: Through multiple real money cash rummy apps available online, it has become easier to find real players to compete against instead of waiting for an offline social gathering.
  • Game Which Demands Skills: This is one of the most important factors behind rummy’s increasing popularity. The Supreme court of India made online rummy legal after classifying it as a skill game. It is completely true that playing rummy requires skill, strategic thinking and patience in reading opponents.
  • Exciting and Fun Filled: Online rummy platforms give access to all the popular variants of the card game like pools, points and deals in one place. The availability of players to play against 24x7 for any of these variants is also a contributing factor.
  • Cash Prizes and Bonuses: Rummy platforms like Rummyprime also give substantial cash prizes that players can win from. There are also rewards that can be earned by entering free tournaments.

Objective of 13 Card Rummy

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the 13-card version of rummy is the most popular and easy to play. The primary objective of the game is to use the 13 cards dealt to you for making valid sets and sequences. To win the game, players have to make a valid declaration which must contain at least one pure sequence.

13 Card Rummy Rules

There are two types of Indian Rummy, 13 card and 21 card games. The 13-card version of rummy is the most popular and played in almost all Indian households. A total of 2-6 players can play with a standard deck of 52 cards.

The base rules of winning and the main objective of 13-card rummy is the same anywhere in the world. The only difference in rules is when you switch to a particular variant like, points, deals or pool rummy.

  • Sets: If a player makes a group of three or a maximum of 4 cards of the same rank but different suits, it is called a set.
  • Sequence: A sequence is usually made with 3 or more cards of the same suit. Example: 5-6-7-8. If a sequence is made with a printed joker or wildcard joker, it becomes an impure sequence. Example: 5-6-Joker-8.
  • Printed Joker and Wildcard Jokers: Usually there are two printed jokers in a standard deck of 52 cards. Only one of these jokers are used in game if one deck is used.
    Wildcard joker is a card designated by the dealer at the start of the game as joker. This works just like the printed joker and can also be used for impure sequences or for completing sets. In a standard game with one deck, there are usually 3 wildcard jokers of the same rank.

How to Play 13 Card Rummy?

13-card rummy is one of the easiest card games to pick up and play. Players just have to understand the simple rules and focus on the one objective to win the game - make a valid declaration. To make a declaration the player has to make sets and sequences from the 13 cards dealt to them. A valid declaration must have one pure sequence.

The Rummyprime app offers unlimited practice games in different rummy variants like - pool, deals or points. Players can just practice and learn the skills to win a game of rummy before diving into cash rummy games.

  • Shuffle and Dealing of Cards: The dealer has to mix up all the cards well before each round, this act of mixing the deck of cards is called ‘Shuffling’. After the shuffling process, the dealer gives 13 cards to each player face down.
  • Open Card: It is a term used for the ‘Open’ deck of cards from which players can draw when their turn comes.
  • Declaration of Wildcard Joker: As per the rules of rummy, players can use wildcard jokers to form sets or impure sequences. For example: You’re trying to complete a set of Kings but only have two of the suits, you can use a wildcard joker as the third king to complete the set.
  • Drawing and Discarding of Cards: In a game of rummy, the players must not have more than 13 cards in their hand at any given time. Players are supposed to draw fresh cards from the ‘Open’ deck or the ‘Discard’ pile to try and complete sets and sequences. Once they draw a card, they have to discard the 14th card to the discard pile - thereby keeping the number of cards in hand to 13 all the time.
  • Declare: Once a player has made their sets and sequences from the 13 cards in their hand, they can declare. A valid declaration must have one pure sequence, otherwise it will be considered invalid and the player loses.

How Points are Calculated in a 13-Card Rummy Game?

In a game of rummy, the main objective of the winner is to earn exactly zero points. The points system in rummy gives points to the players who fail to make a valid declaration when a round ends. The penalty points dished out to the losing players is equal to the value of the ungrouped cards.

The example of points calculation in a standard game of rummy with one 52-card deck and 2-6 players is given below:

point calculations ins 13 card rummy game

How to Join a 13 Card Rummy Tournament?

Players can now easily join a 13-card rummy tournament on the Rummyprime app. Follow these simple steps to take part in your first competitive online rummy tournament:

  1. Download the Rummyprime app and register on it.
  2. Go to the ‘Add Cash’ section in the main lobby and make your first cash deposit to start playing cash games.
  3. After adding cash, go ahead and click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab. This will take you to the tournament lobby with all tournaments that are ongoing and are yet to start.
  4. Join the tournament of your preference considering the Buy-In amount and the prize pool you would like to compete for.
  5. You can keep yourself registered for a preferred tournament if it is a long way from starting or join one directly if it has just started.

FAQs on 13-card Rummy Game

1. How do you play the 13 Card Rummy game for beginners?

If you’re a beginner with rummy games, it is advisable to start on the practice rummy tables first. These practice games are free and there is no requirement to add any cash. New players can then develop their rummy skills and learn the rules of the game as each variant is played with slightly different conditions.

Once a player has gained enough confidence, they can join low value cash tables. The risk here will be lower and the player can further boost their confidence. Once that is done, the player can go ahead and take a shot at the higher cash tables or maybe try a cash tournament next.

2. How many people can play 13 Card Rummy?

If the game is played with two standard decks of 52 cards, then a total of 2-6 players can join the game.

3. Are there 13 Card Rummy tournaments?

Yes, you can find 13 card rummy tournaments available under the tournaments tab inside the Rummyprime rummy app. There are cash tournaments for established players or free entry tournaments for beginners to join.

4. How do you become an expert in 13 Card Rummy?

13-card rummy has very simple and easy to understand rules. But, applying those rules takes some skill and patience. The road towards becoming an expert in 13-card rummy is practice, practice and more practice.

The player needs to develop all the skills behind strategizing and reading opponents to win at rummy. It is better to start on low value cash tables first before moving on to the bigger cash tables.

5. What is the golden rule of Rummy?

The golden rummy rules: To make a valid declaration, you must have a pure sequence. A pure sequence is the combination of continuous cards of the same suit without the use of a joker.

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