Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is one of the most popular and longest variants of the popular 13-card rummy game. It is, however, a fast-paced game where the goal is to achieve the lowest possible score. The game is played with a fixed entry fee, which forms the prize pool.

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What is a Pools Rummy Game?

Pool rummy is a highly popular version of Indian rummy where every player is dealt a hand of 13 cards. In this format, players keep getting eliminated when they reach the point limit, which is usually 101 or 201 points.

The game is played in multiple rounds until a winner emerges from all the participants. The basic objective of a pool rummy game is to declare with a 13-card hand.

Types of Pool Rummy Games

There are three main variations of pool rummy:

  • 61 pool rummy
  • 101 pool rummy
  • 201 pool rummy.

61 Pool Rummy

The 61 pool rummy is one of the fastest pool rummy variations, where players have to ensure that the sum of their points is less than 61. Once a player attains a score of 61 or more, they get eliminated from the game.

101 Pool Rummy

In 101 pool rummy, players need to keep the score of their cards below 101 points and ensure their opponents score more than 101. Printed jokers are used in this variant.

201 Pool Rummy

The same cards are used in 201 pool rummy, and the objective of each player is to ensure their score remains below 201.

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How to Play Pool Rummy?

The following instructions can be helpful to play pool rummy:

  • Pool Rummy is similar to Points Rummy, the only difference being regarding how the players get eliminated. Let’s examine the game more closely.
  • Typically, 2 to 6 players participate in the game using one or two standard decks of 52 cards each, along with one Joker per deck. The Joker holds significance in the game.
  • Each player receives 13 cards randomly, dealt one at a time. A toss determines the player who takes the first turn.
  • The objective is to arrange cards into sequences or sequences and sets and make a valid declaration. Players must have at least two sequences, with one of them being a pure sequence. 
  • In order to win, players should aim for a low score and avoid reaching the maximum pool limit, such as 61 points (61 pool), 101 points (101 pool), or 201 points (201 pool). If a player reaches the limit, they get eliminated, and the last player remaining at the table becomes the winner.

After the cards are dealt, the remaining cards are placed face down on the table to form the closed deck. The top card from the closed deck is turned face up to form the open deck.

Upon each player’s turn, they have the option to draw a card from either the closed deck or the open deck, and then they must discard one card to the open deck. Once a player arranges their cards according to the rules, they can declare rummy.

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Pool Rummy Rules

The majority of rules in Pool Rummy are straightforward to understand and bear resemblance to those of Points Rummy. Some of the key rules of a pool rummy game are as follows:

  • The prize pool in Pool Rummy is formed by combining the entry fees contributed by all the participating players.
  • In Pool rummy, you can use wild or printed jokers to form impure sequences.
  • For example, suppose a player has 7♠ 8♠ 9♠ in their hand. In such a situation, they use a PJ or printed joker to replace the missing card 10♠ to form an impure sequence.
  • A pure sequence must have three or cards of the same suit in consecutive order. For example 5 ♠ ️6 ♠ ️7♠ ️ is a pure sequence.
  • A valid set in pool rummy is a combination of three cards having the same value but different suits. For example 3♣ 3♠ 3❤ 3♦️ is a valid set.
  • Suppose, a player has 5♣ 5♠ 5 ️ in their hand. They can use a printed joker to replace the missing 5❤ to form a set.

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How Points are Calculated in Pool Rummy?

In points or pool rummy, the winner always gets 0 points. If a player makes a valid declaration but has some unmatched cards, the face value of the cards is deducted from the opponent’s total score.

If a player fails to make a valid declaration, they get 80 penalty points and lose the game.

Now let us understand how winnings are calculated in pool rummy:

  • Winnings = (Entry fee) * (Number of players) – platform fees.

For example, if 6 players are playing on the table and each player contributes Rs. 100 as an entry fee, the winner will get 100*6 = Rs. 600.

How Does the Drop Option Work in Pool Rummy?

“Drop” refers to a player’s decision to voluntarily withdraw from their turn. Players choose this option when they do not wish to continue with a hand. Unlike other Indian rummy variants, pool rummy has two kinds of drops.

First drop: When a player leaves the game without picking any single card, it is called the “first drop”. In this kind of drop, players receive 20 penalty points, which will be added to their score.

Middle drop: If a player withdraws from the game after picking one card, it is called a “mid drop”. Once a player chooses mid drop 40 penalty points will be added to their score.

If a player misses three consecutive turns, they are automatically eliminated from the game.

Pool Rummy Variant

First drop (penalty points)

Middle Drop (penalty points)

101 pool rummy 



201 pool rummy



Pool Rummy Tips

Some of the tips to win a pool rummy game are:

  • Always remember to make a pure sequence first. Without this, a player cannot make a valid declaration.
  • A frequently observed mistake in Pool Rummy is when players overlook the opportunity to create larger sequences and sets, which would help them minimize the number of unmatched cards in their hand. You can make a set or sequence of more than three cards.
  • Get rid of high value cards if they are not helping you to make sets or sequences.
  • Pay close attention to the cards your opponents are discarding. This will help you in understanding the cards you shouldn’t discard.

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FAQs About Pool Rummy Game

Is Playing Pool Rummy Legal in India?

Yes, playing pool rummy is legal in India barring a few states. Other than some specific states, most forms of online rummy is legal and players can play games to win money.

How Many Players Can Play a Pool Rummy Game?

Pool rummy can be played between 2 to 6 players on Rummyprime.

Is Joker Used in Pool Rummy?

Yes, the joker is used in pool rummy to make impure sequences and sets.

Can a Player Rejoin a Game after Getting Eliminated?

Players have the opportunity to rejoin the game if the highest score among the non-eliminated players meets certain criteria:

  • In 101 Pool Rummy, rejoining is possible when the highest score of the remaining players is 79 points or less.
  • In 201 Pool Rummy, rejoining is allowed if the highest score of the remaining players is 174 points or less.

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