61 Pool Rummy

61 Pool rummy is one of the popular types of rummy games in India. While sharing similarities with other rummy variants, the gameplay in 61 Pool Rummy incorporates specific rule differentiation and distinct methods for calculating winnings. These unique elements set it apart from other variations of the game, adding an extra layer of complexity and strategy to the overall experience.

What is 61 Rummy Game?

61 rummy is one of the fastest variations of the Pool rummy game. It is played between 2 to 6 players, and the objective of each player is to score less than 61 points.

How to Play 61 Rummy?

Some of the steps to follow to know how to play 61 pool rummy are:

  • At the beginning of the game, every player is dealt a hand of 13 cards. The remaining stack of cards, known as the Draw Pile, is positioned face-down in the middle of the table.
  • A card is randomly selected from the Draw Pile and placed face-up beneath it, acting as the wild card joker for the entire round.
  • The player situated on the right side of the dealer takes the first turn.
  • Once each player receives their set of 13 cards, they can begin forming combinations.
  • To make a valid declaration a player must have a minimum of two sequences, one being a pure sequence and the other being either a pure or impure sequence.
  • The main aim should be to create at least one pure sequence and organize the remaining cards into pure or impure sequences and sets.
  • When a player makes two valid sequences they can call for a declaration.
  • If a player makes an invalid declaration, 60 points get added to their score.

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61 Pool Rummy Rules

Key rules to remember for playing 61 rummy pool games are:

  • In 61 rummy, there are two types of tables available: 2-player tables and 6-player tables. 
  • Each player enters the game with a fixed entry fee.
  • At the start of each game, a toss is conducted to determine which player will have the first turn.
  • For a 2 player table, a single deck is used and two or more decks are used when there are 5-6 players.
  • In 61 Pool rummy, you can use wild or printed jokers to form impure sequences.

Split Prize Money

In 61 rummy, players have the option to utilize the “Split” feature, enabling them to divide the prize money among themselves. The availability of this option is based on the number of drops remaining for each player. 

The term “drops remaining” signifies the number of times a player can choose to drop a game while still remaining in the overall gameplay. However, it is important to note that the split option can only be executed if all players involved mutually agree on how the prize money will be divided.

How Does the Drop Option Work in 61 Rummy?

Players choose this option when they do not wish to continue with a hand. Unlike other Indian rummy variants, pool rummy has two kinds of drops.

First drop: When a player leaves the game without picking any single card it is called first drop. In this kind of drop players receive 15 penalty points which will be added to their score.

Middle drop: If a player withdraws from the game after picking one card, it is called mid drop. Once a player chooses mid drop 30 penalty points will be added to their score.

If a player misses three consecutive turns, they are automatically eliminated from the game.

How Points are Calculated in 61 Rummy?

In pool or points rummy, the winner always gets 0 points. If a player makes a valid declaration but has some unmatched cards, the face value of the cards is deducted from the opponent’s total score.









Printed or wild jokers



Equal to their face value

If a player fails to make a valid declaration in 61 rummy games, they get 60 penalty points.

How are Winnings Calculated in Pools Rummy?

The formula used for calculating winnings in Pool Rummy is as follows:

  • Winnings = (Entry fee * Number of players) – platform fee.

Tips to Play 61 Rummy

Some of the top tips and tricks to play 61 pool rummy games are:

  • Always remember to make a pure sequence first. Without this, a player cannot make a valid declaration.
  • A frequently observed mistake in Pool Rummy is when players overlook the opportunity to create larger sequences and sets, which would help them minimize the number of unmatched cards in their hand. You can make a set or sequence of more than three cards.
  • Get rid of high-value cards if they are not helping you to make sets or sequences.
  • Pay close attention to the cards your opponents are discarding. This will help you in understanding the cards you shouldn’t discard.

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