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Get up to 10,000

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Rummy Game Online

Play Rummy Game Online on RummyPrime

The traditional card game of Rummy is popular among Indians, and played in most social gatherings or minor occasions.In the digital world, online Rummy has gained popularity because it can be played anytime, and anywhere.The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, where a total of 2-6 players can play. To win, the player must make a valid declaration which requires a minimum of 2 sequences, with one being a pure sequence....

On Rummyprime you can now play your favorite Rummy variants with a premium user experience, quicker loading times, and instant withdrawals. The app offers bigger, and better rewards for beginners, and loyal players.

Rummyprime has a loyal community of 70 lakh+ Rummy players. The app consistently works on improving the user experience, and quality of games. On Rummyprime, the players will get free-entry tournaments, mega prize pools, and exciting offers.

Rummyprime has a 24/7 customer support service available in 5 languages, which is working towards understanding the needs of players, and addressing their issues. The customer support team takes immediate action in resolving gameplay or transaction issues.

Rummy Game Variants on Rummyprime

On Rummyprime, the players can enjoy all the variants of Rummy in three different formats - free rummy, cash rummy, and rummy Tournament format. Each format has its own unique features, and offers increasing rewards.

Rummyprime offers a safe, and secure platform for all monetary transactions made by players. To enjoy cash games, players must deposit funds in their Rummyprime wallet to start playing, and win rewards.

Rummyprime offers three distinct variants of the rummy game:

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is a popular variant of the classic 13 card Rummy game. The game is set on a predetermined point valuation, and the winner has to collect the total points lost by the opponents.

For example, in a game with six players at a rummy table where each point holds a value of ₹1, the total value of ungrouped cards of defeated players, say 107 points, converts to a cash reward of ₹107 for the winner.

The USPs of Points Rummy lie in several key features that makes it unique from other variants of rummy:

  • Quick Gameplay: Points Rummy is made for fast gameplay, making it suitable for players looking for quick sit, and go events for making a quick buck.
  • Simple Rules: The rules of Points Rummy are simple, making it easy for players of all skill levels. Players have to form valid sets, and sequences with their cards, while minimizing the total points gained.
  • Risk and Reward: Points Rummy introduces an element of risk, and reward with its point-based scoring system. Players earn points based on the value of the cards they fail to form valid combinations with.

Pool Rummy

This variant of Rummy is slightly longer in duration compared to the other variants. 2-6 players can play this variant, with each round the intensity goes up as players look to avoid crossing the predetermined points (e.g; 61, 101, 201)

Pool Rummy offers several USPs that makes it different from other variants:

  • Scoring System: In Pool Rummy players collect points across multiple rounds until a predetermined score limit has been reached.
  • Continuous Gameplay: Unlike some other rummy variants that end after a single round, Pool Rummy allows for longer sessions of play.

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy, is very similar to Points rummy. Players have to collect chips across a predetermined number of deals, creating strategic battles during a session. In a situation involving six players entering a Deals rummy contest with a ₹10 Buy-In, the prize pool totals to ₹60. In the end, the winner claims the full prize pool, totalling ₹60.

The USP of Deals Rummy lies in its unique format and rules, offering players a different experience from other variants:

  • Fixed Number of Deals: Unlike other rummy variations where the game is played until a certain point limit is reached, in deals rummy you have to play a fixed number of deals per game.
  • Pre-defined Chips: In Deals Rummy, players start each deal with a fixed number of chips. These chips are given equally among the players playing the game.
  • Winner Takes All: At the end of each deal, the winner of that particular deal receives chips from all other players, depending on the points collected or won by each player. This "winner takes all" approach adds to the competitiveness.

Safe and Secure Rummy Games on Rummyprime

Rummyprime has earned the confidence of 70 lakh+ verified online rummy players through its reliable and secure gaming platform. In addition to providing enjoyable entertainment experiences, Rummyprime prioritizes the safety and security of all player information, including personal and financial details. To achieve its commitment to player safety, Rummyprime has obtained various certifications.

RNG Certification

Rummyprime has RNG certification which in simpler terms means that the app uses an algorithm to generate random numbers. This ensures that the distribution of cards to all players is random and fair in the game of rummy.

ISO Certification

Rummyprime is an ISO certified app which signifies that the Rummy app follows strict Fair Play practices and adheres to the highest standards of online gaming. This ensures that Rummyprime provides the best services to its players.

KYC Verification

Rummyprime ensures that every player completes the mandatory KYC verification within the app. This builds a secure gaming environment with the highest legal standards and prevents fraud.

Fair Play Policy

Rummyprime maintains the highest standards of Fair Play on their platform. This ensures that all players adhere to the fairness of competition, skill and sportsmanship during Rummy games.

Responsible Play

Rummyprime cares for its players and has systems in place which the player can use to monitor their daily or net add cash. The players can set their limits and amount.

Secure Payment Gateways

Players have the option to add funds to their Rummyprime account using debit or credit cards, UPI, and net banking. The payment gateways employed by Rummyprime comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), thereby ensuring adherence to a standardized framework established by prominent global entities such as Visa and Mastercard.

Exciting Weekend Rummy Tournaments

Saturday Googly

Takes place every Saturday at 9:00 pm on the Rummyprime app. There is zero Buy-In and players can win from a prize pool of 12,50,000 Discount Credits.

Big Game Sunday

This is the biggest free-entry Rummy tournament on the Rummyprime app. Takes place every Sunday at 3:00 pm. Players can win from a prize pool of 21,00,000 Discount Credits.

Rummy Game Rules and How to Play

Rummy is a traditional card game played between 2-6 players with a standard deck of 52 cards. The main objective of the game is to form valid sets, and sequences by using the 13 cards that are dealt to you. Each card holds a numeric value, numbered cards are valued as much as the numbers written on them. The face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) hold 10 points each. Aces are valued at 1 or 10, depending on where the player is putting the card in their sequence.

Players have to draw, and discard cards to complete valid combinations. A set usually has three or four cards of the same rank but different suits. A sequence consists of three or more cards consecutively of the same suit. Once a player is confident of their combinations, they can declare the game by discarding the last card to the ‘discard pile’.

The game is played until a player ‘goes out’ by making a valid declaration. The winner is decided, and points are counted based on the cards the opponents have failed to combine into sets or sequences. Face cards are valued at 10, while numbered cards retain their face value, and the player with the least points wins.

Rummy Tips and Tricks for Smart Gameplay

Rummy is a simple, and easy to play card game once you learn the rummy rules . It is easy to follow, and you have to pick up a few tricks to make a winning strategy. Here are some useful rummy tips to start playing online rummy:

Make a pure sequence first:

To make a valid declaration in Rummy, a pure sequence is a must. Players should try, and make a pure sequence, just in case the opponent declares quickly. This ensures that the player doesn’t get the sum of all points of all the cards in their hand.

Discard high value cards:

In Rummy, discarding high-value cards quickly can be a crucial move. By dropping cards with higher points like the face cards, players can reduce the overall impact of penalty points.

Avoid picking up from discard pile:

Avoid picking cards from the discard pile to maintain secrecy of the hand you are trying to make. In the beginning of the game keep drawing from the open deck. This ensures that the opponent doesn’t get to know the sets or sequences you are trying to form.

Use joker cards smartly:

If you are holding multiple joker cards, and have already used one to make an impure sequence, then you must use the remaining joker cards to make sequences with higher value cards to reduce the points impact.

Is Rummy Legal in India?

Playing rummy online is allowed within the legal framework of India. The Supreme Court in 1968 established rummy as a game based on skill, with the exception of players residing in Assam, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, or Odisha.

The main factor behind ruling rummy as a game of skill lies in its dependence on players' strategic decisions and abilities, such as understanding the rules, calculating moves, and managing their cards, to win or lose a game.

What makes Rummy online a game of skill and legal?

Rummy core gameplay is based on strategy

During a game of Rummy, the players need to strategize, such as which card to pick and which to discard. Additionally the players have to keep track of their opponent's moves, while completing their own sets and sequences before the other players do.

Playing Rummy online for cash is legal

Players must possess the capacity to analyze the game, monitor their opponents' actions, and execute strategic moves during a game of Rummy. Skill is the main factor in consideration while playing Rummy online for cash.

Does a Rummy game need skills?

If a player wants to win a game of Rummy, some level of strategic thinking is needed, as well as the ability to read the opponent’s gameplay. Also, the ability to form valid sets and sequences adds to the skill factor of the game.

Secure transactions and fair gameplay?

Rummyprime is an ISO certified platform with RNG and No-Bot certification, ensuring a safe and secure app for the players. There are regular anti-fraud checks in place to maintain fair play in every game.

Enjoy Online Rummy in Rummyprime App

By following four simple steps, anyone can now enjoy a rewarding mobile Rummy experience on a premium Rummy app. The first step towards winning big rewards is downloading the Rummyprime app. Here are the steps through which you can quickly download the Rummyprime app on Android or IOS devices:

  1. Download the Rummyprime APK by visiting the official website from your mobile device.
  2. Download the Rummyprime app directly from Google Play Store by searching “Rummyprime” in the search bar.
  3. Download the Rummyprime app directly from the Apple IOS Store by searching “Rummyprime” in the search bar.
  4. Visit on the web browser on your desktop and tap on the ‘Get App Link’ button after entering your phone number. You will receive the app link via SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questiosn

You have questions, We have answers

Is online Rummy legal in India?

Yes, online rummy is permitted in India as it was classified as a game of skill by the Supreme Court in 1968. Nevertheless, certain states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Meghalaya, Assam, Sikkim, and Nagaland have opted to regulate skill-based games with monetary stakes according to their legal jurisdiction.

Can I play Rummy on the Rummyprime app without depositing any money?

Our practice games are absolutely free to play and their unlimited free games. Open the Rummyprime app, click on the ‘practice’ card and you can start playing. You can choose from Points, Pool or Deals Rummy as per your preference. Players can also join the free tournaments under the ‘tournaments’ tab, check the timings and join for free.

Is my money safe on Rummyprime?

Yes, your money is completely secure with Rummyprime. When you add funds, they are held in an escrow account managed by a regulated third party for quick and secure transactions. All payment gateways follow PCI DSS, a standard set by global entities like Visa and Mastercard.

Is my personal and bank data safe on the Rummyprime app?

Yes, all your data is completely secure with Rummyprime. Rummyprime have measures in place to protect your private and bank data through SSL certification. Rummyprime has a corporate policy of not sharing any data with third parties and ensures complete encryption of information for added security.

How can I add cash to the Rummyprime account?

To add cash to your Rummyprime account, follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the ‘Add Cash’ button in the top right corner of the app.
  • Enter the amount. Minimum amount to be added is Rs.50.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button at the bottom and choose a payment option: UPI (GPay, PhonePe, Paytm), credit/debit cards, Paytm wallet, or net banking.
  • If your KYC documents are verified, you can add up to Rs.50,000 in one go. If your documents are unverified, you can add a maximum of Rs.500 only.

How can I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw your winnings easily if your KYC is verified. Ensure that you get your KYC verified, the process requires only 2 minutes.

  • Go to the profile section (top left corner) of the app.
  • Click on 'Withdrawals.'
  • Enter the withdrawal amount and confirm.
  • Add a UPI ID or bank account details for withdrawal.
  • 95% of withdrawal requests are processed within a minute.

How can I participate in Rummyprime tournaments?

On the Rummyprime app there are two types of tournaments: Cash Tournaments and Free Tournaments.

Participation in Free Tournaments:

  • Open the Rummyprime app and click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab.
  • Explore various free events like the ‘Evening Googly’, ‘Saturday Googly’ and ‘Big Game Sunday’.
  • Pick the one you would like to play and click on ‘join’ to register.
  • Wait for the tournament to begin. There is no Buy-In for these tournaments.

Participation in Cash Tournaments:

  • Open the Rummyprime app and click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab.
  • Explore various cash events like the ‘Big League’, ‘Double Dhamaka’, ‘Beginner League’ and more.
  • Select the tournament you prefer and click on ‘Join’ to register.
  • Wait for the tournament to start.

How to get in touch with the customer support team of Rummyprime?

Rummyprime’s customer support team is available to support and assist you 24x7 in 5 languages. You can reach out by writing an email to

The support team can help with problems related to add cash, gameplay, withdrawal, KYC or any other app related issues.

View all FAQS

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Neha Trivedi


I play in my free time at night, it is good to have zero-waiting time to find good rummy competition on the Rummyprime app. Also the instant withdrawals are great for me to play and reinvest my money in the next cash table.

Won ₹3.2 Lakhs


Shekhar Venkat


The switch to Rummyprime has been seamless. Very good user experience and I got up to 10,000 in discount credits on my first 2 add cash. I can use 100% of discount credits to play cash games. Gamezy’s decision to make Rummyprime a separate experience is great for us Rummy users.

Won ₹5 Lakhs


Raghav Rajakumaran


The switch to Gamezy’s new Rummyprime app has been so easy. I love the fact that Gamezy decided to make a dedicated app for Rummy players. First, I was trying their new practice games and then joined tables and won Rs.2,50,000 already in just 10 games.

Won ₹2.5 Lakhs


Tej Mishra


Myself Tej Mishra from Lucknow, I have been playing Rummy on Gamezy rummy since the very beginning. Now with Rummyprime and the faster loading times I am enjoying it. Rummyprime is giving me quicker matches with good competition. I have won Rs.46,000 on the new app.

Won ₹46,000


Harsha Hegde


If you want a dedicated Rummy app, Gamezy’s Rummyprime is the place to be. Quick match-making and high-value cash tables are great for a expert Rummy player like me. I have already won Rs.1.75 Lakhs on the new app.

Won ₹1.75 Lakhs


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